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Sri Lanka is an Island rich in tropical biodiversity located off the southern coast of the Indian subcontinent in South Asia. Sri Lanka offers to the world a paradigm of Green foliage. TR group is a totally Sri Lankan business establishment engaged in growing and exporting of cut foliage, live plants, fruits, vegetables and flowers around the world. Established in 2008 as a grower and exporter of cut foliage in Sri Lanka where tropical climate conditions prevail.

TR Group provides plenty of jobs for many talented growers who meet the quality standards of the company. Sri Lanka, naturally nature blessed country with the perfect tropical weather, rich in biodiversity acts as the perfect home for growing plants, vegetables, fruits and flowers. The rich soils of the country helps our staff to meet their expectations and provide us with the best quality products.

We are also proud to state that we are the one of the few overseas companies to open its own branch in Dubai named TNR FLOWER TRADING LCC followed by a new branch joining to prove the success of the company. This new member is a new branch that is scheduled to open in Riyad (KSA). We aim to expand and grow more plants and also as a company in the coming years. We also aim to expand our family of skilled staff giving many more a helping hand.


TR Group is owned by a group of qualified experts with experience spanning over 10 years in the Field of floriculture. Under this well qualified experience our mission is to delight our customers profitably with high quality reliable material delivered on time.


Our mission is to conduct a green business without doing any harm to environment or human beings.


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